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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bahasa Inggeris Tips for UPSR candidates this year.

Since UPSR has new format starting this year 2016...

What to prepare for UPSR this year?
B.PERSEDIAAN AKHIR MAY TO SEPTEMBER -focus on  the technic of h.ow to answer the upsr layout 2016
1. Double check  Vocabulary - nouns and verbs  esp topics from year 4 and year 5 text books and introducing more good  words according to topics in the year 6 text book.
2. Basic Grammar first  - Article, singular plural, subject verb agreement, and the 4 basic tenses...drilling, topical /questions modules.
3.Sentence construction simple sentences first, then expand with adjective, adverb, conjunction..compound and complex.. sentences.
4.Describing objects and events / situation - writing in paragraphs.
5.Asking question using Wh + 1H question and answering  wh question- focus on the tenses for the verbs  pupils are going to answer for the questions e.g who do, why does, and why did......present and past tense.......
6.Lots of reading intensive and extensive....teach all the reading skills.Remember reading is important, when you teach reading it covers grammar, vocab and spelling and to comprehend ......
7.Introduce Thinking skills gradually ,-remembering,
Understanding, analysing, applying ,reasoning,classifying observing,
Comparing & contrast, predicting n infrencing, evaluating  and creating ...
8.writing - step by step from simple ,mediocre and excellent using idiomatic expressions...
Most important is give lots of samples for every new word,  and idiomatic expressions that you have introduced to them...put them up on the  wall in  the classroom.
GOOD LUCK.....  #copypaste

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